- Paul-Unko Rieter -

I was born on February 21, 1947 in Amsterdam, Holland. When I was one year old, I enjoyed my father playing piano. As a child I loved to stay with my grandparents, who were both professional musicians. My grandfather played about thirteen instruments. On the age of four I played with all sort of projectors. Soon I had my own 'movie-theatre'.

When I was seven the first piano came into our home. I got some lessons. My mother did the conservatory (piano and singing) and became an opera singer. At that time I had a friend whose father was a conductor and a manager of a musical college. So I came in contact with a lot of instruments and I started my first improvisations on piano.

At the age of eight I had my own acting theatre at home. I played several plays, on the spot created. Some time later I had my own circus. There were performances for other children. Nine years old I played the part of a mute boy in the opera 'The Saint Of The Bleeckerstreet'. At that time I was involved in professional theatre.

As a teenager I played guitar and drums in a little band. I did many public performances during the following four years. I also got further involved in the opera theatre. I went on tour with the company during the holidays. I learned about scenery and orchestra. My mother married a second time. Her new husband was a famous dutch director and opera manager. From him I learned theatrical basics.

At the age of seventeen I wrote my first poems and short stories. Several of them were published in the local newspaper. One year later I directed my first movie (about 20 min. length). I did the screenplay and the editing. During my study at the technical University Eindhoven (physics) I made four more movies. One of them got broadcasted by the dutch television in 1971. I was involved in student theatre and took an acting course.

After my masters degree I decided to work in the audio-visual field. I went to Munich, Germany. Since that time I became a professional in the field of movies, slideshows and multi-image-shows. Since 1982 I have my own company. I designed, produced and realized more than 400 audio-visual shows, all over the world.

In June 1980 I had an extraordinary experience and because of that I decided to write and compose a musical play. I made a study of that field (history, principles). I attended several musical plays in New York and London. I studied books and did a course, how to write a play. During the work on the musical play 'ONE & ONE' I have seen I can combine all my abilities.

Besides 'ONE & ONE' I wrote a layout for a dance musical and a concept for a third one.

After some breaks the book of 'ONE & ONE' got finally shaped in 1984. With the help of a computer I arranged the music of 'ONE & ONE' in 1992 and 1993.

For your interest in 'ONE & ONE' the following items are available:

  • the book (149 pages),
  • a democassette with melodies matching the book,
  • a democassette with 5 melodies played by a small band,
  • the music (823 pages) divided in the three acts,
  • a cassette of the music (full length).

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