t h e   m u s i c a l

a dream story (ACT I)
an adventure story (ACT II)
a love story (ACT III)

written and composed

Paul-Unko Rieter

The goal of ONE & ONE :

For the audience to enjoy the evening spent in the theater, to take home with them the luck, happiness and love of being ONE with ONE & ONE to enrich their everyday life.

Theme of ONE & ONE :

Two people dream of romantic love. This goal can become abandoned because of environmental distractions. Romantic love is achieved however by making a reality out of one's dreams in daily life.

The lyrics of the main song 'One And One' explain the title of the play: one and one is TWO as it usually is, but love can make ONE out of two persons and so one and one becomes ONE.

An Enchanter plays an important role. He introduces the characters. At the end of the play all characters on stage become each an Enchanter and are singing the songs together with the audience.

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© 1980 - 2017: Paul-Unko Rieter. All rights reserved world-wide.

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