- a dream story -

1-1. Welcome to ONE & ONE


    • Menace And Threat
    • New York, New York
    • This is my body
    • We are the boys
    • Living here
    • One And One

1-2. Dreaming of one

The ENCHANTER announces ONE & ONE, a dream story about a young lady, JESSY, and a young man, PETER, living many miles apart.

  • Enchanter bells
  • Drumroll
  • Let Me Introduce You
  • I live In This Cottage
  • This Is My Girlfriend Nancy
  • Work And Perk
  • One And One
  • 1-3. Jessy's dream

    Jessy's home.

  • My Friend Sandy
  • We Are Working To Make Money
  • The Flowers, They Need Water
  • I Am Knitting A Warm Scarf For Pops
  • A Boy Must Be Found
  • Then I Can Dance With Him
  • In Former Times
  • Soon I Can Dance With Him
  • 1-4. Peter's dream

    Peter's apartment.

  • I Am Nancy
  • Seven In A Row
  • Dreaming About You
  • Peter, Where Are You?
  • Say: You Love Me
  • Little Man In Big City
  • 1-5. Jessy's arrival in New York

    New York.

  • Menace And Threat
  • We Have Come To See New York
  • With Two Quarters Only
  • A Boy Must Be Found
  • Where Should I Go?
  • 1-6. The Big Apple Circus

    New York.

  • New York, New York
  • Work And Perk / New York, New York
  • 1-7. Big Apple apples

    Street fare.

  • We Are Dealing
  • Is It For Me?

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